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What is a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is performed to correct breast sagging (ptosis). The procedure can revitalize the upper body appearance for women who are unhappy with their breast aesthetic due to genetics, pregnancy, aging, or significant weight loss. After a breast lift, the chest appears perkier, firmer, and more youthful. The silhouette may look more balanced, and enjoying the latest clothing and swimwear styles becomes possible. Dr. Shafa can use one of several different advanced incision techniques, depending on each patient’s unique needs and wishes. In all cases, he seeks to minimize scarring as much as possible for a refined, natural-looking outcome.

What can a breast lift accomplish?

  • Lifts and elevates the breast mounds
  • Improves breast symmetry
  • Reduces areola size and direction
  • Trims excess skin
  • Reshape the breasts for a more youthful, rounded appearance
  • Tightens the breast tissue for optimal nipple/areola support
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What are the benefits of a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery can help restore a woman’s figure by trimming excess sagging skin, lifting the breast mounds, and repositioning the nipples in a more youthful-looking location. Its multiple advantages include the following:

  • Creates a more pleasing, youthful-looking silhouette
  • Expands choices when it comes to tops, swimwear, and dresses
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • A perfect complement to breast augmentation or breast reduction
  • An excellent solution for body contouring after pregnancy, weight loss, or aging

How is breast lift surgery performed?

Breast lift in Santa Monica by Dr. Shafa is typically performed under general anesthesia and takes 1-2 hours. If mastopexy is combined with breast augmentation or breast reduction, the procedure may take longer. Once the patient is fully asleep, Dr. Shafa will create careful incisions according to a predetermined treatment plan. He may choose one of the following patterns, depending on the degree of sagging that is present.

Anchor incision

For those with significant breast ptosis, the anchor incision affords Dr. Shafa the greatest amount of flexibility and autonomy when it comes to improving the chest contours. The incision encircles the areola, runs down vertically to the breast crease, and then extends horizontally along the inframammary fold to resemble an anchor or upside-down “T.” This is the approach taken when a woman is pursuing a breast lift in tandem with breast reduction surgery.

Lollipop lift

A lollipop lift involves an incision that encircles the areola and then runs down vertically to the breast crease, resembling the shape of everyone’s favorite childhood treat. It is chosen when the patient has moderate breast sagging. The benefit of this approach is that the bra can hide the incision lines more completely than with an anchor lift.

Donut lift

Patients with mild breast sagging can undergo a donut lift with Dr. Shafa. The only incision required is one encircling the areola. Scarring will be well hidden within the darker colors of the areola. Surgeons will sometimes combine breast lift with breast augmentation when choosing this incision pattern.

Crescent lift

Lastly, a crescent-shaped incision around the areola may suffice for women with minor breast sagging. The incision is made around the upper half of the areola, resulting in minimal, inconspicuous scarring. Once Dr. Shafa has created the incisions, removed the excess skin, fat, and tissue, and relocated the nipples, he will close them with carefully placed suture layers that support the newly elevated breast mounds.

What happens after a breast lift?

After surgery, patients will have their chests draped in dressings and fitted with support garments. After careful monitoring and prescribing pain medications, patients can return home the same day, escorted by a friend or family member. While recovery varies from person to person, most breast lift patients can resume work within a week, provided their job is sedentary. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting will be off the table for several weeks. Rest assured, Dr. Shafa will give detailed instructions on showering, caring for your incisions, driving, sleeping, resuming intercourse, resuming exercise, and going back to work. Dr. Shafa strongly suggests that you schedule a household and childcare helper before your surgery so you can focus exclusively on stress-free rest and recovery.

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Who is a good candidate for breast lift surgery?

While it’s normal to read extensively online about your procedure, the only way to get an accurate assessment of your options for breast lift surgery is to schedule an in-person consultation with your surgeon. Dr. Shafa will meet with you at his Santa Monica offices to discuss your goals in depth, conduct a physical evaluation, and review your medical history to ensure surgery is safe for you at this time. Below are some of the common qualifiers for candidacy:

●    Downward-pointing breasts 
●    Nipples that hang below the inframammary fold
●    Not currently pregnant or planning to become pregnant
●    In good mental and physical health
●    Free from any significant medical issues
●    Happy with breast size

Why choose Dr. Shafa in Santa Monica for a breast lift procedure?

Dr. Shafa is a painstakingly precise perfectionist, dedicated to artistry and devoted to natural-looking outcomes. He understands the gravity of the trust placed in him and goes above and beyond to actualize the results that patients envision. 

Dr. Shafa’s elite training at among the most prestigious institutions in the nation – UCLA, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School, UCLA, Henry Ford Hospital, and the University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC) – prepared him for an illustrious career in aesthetics. While in medical school, he was honored with the rare Golden Heart Award for his unrivaled commitment to service in a medical setting. Today, Dr. Shafa sets the standard for excellence and compassion as he continues to serve his community in and beyond Santa Monica.

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