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If you have had breast augmentation that did not meet your expectations or you experienced medical complications, breast revision in Beverly Hills & Santa Monica may be necessary. Some women undergo revision surgery to replace older implants or textured implants that have been recalled.  Dr. Brian Shafa has the experience, technical skills, and eye for symmetry you need when facing the prospect of breast revision surgery.

What is a Breast Revision?

Breast implants do not last a lifetime. Manufacturers suggest that breast implants be monitored and replaced at some point, at ten years or later. After a breast augmentation, you may be dismayed with the results, with your breasts too large, too small, uneven, or you might be experiencing an unsightly or painful complication. Whatever your situation, Dr. Shafa will establish a customized surgical plan to resolve your aesthetic issue or health concern.

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When is Breast Revision Surgery Necessary?

Breast revision surgery in Beverly Hills & Santa Monica allows women to remove existing implants if they are unhappy with the results, replace older implants with new implants, or increase or decrease the size of their breasts. In some cases, revision surgery is necessary to resolve capsular contracture or to replace a ruptured implant. 

Breast revision surgery requires a higher level of surgical skill than what is needed to perform breast augmentation. For this reason, the surgeon you choose is a critical point in the success of the revision surgery. Dr. Shafa is known for his exceptional talent in performing breast revision surgery and provides an unparalleled level of personal dedication and care.

What are the Benefits of Breast Revision Surgery?

There are various reasons why a woman may opt for breast augmentation revision surgery or breast asymmetry correction in Beverly Hills & Santa Monica. Dr. Shafa acknowledges that deciding to undergo another surgery can be stressful and worrisome. Rest assured, you can anticipate top-notch professional expertise and artistic mastery in breast revision procedures while under the care of Dr. Shafa.This customized surgery can help you:

  • Replace older implants
  • Create symmetrical breasts 
  • Resolve capsular contracture 
  • Place larger or smaller implants
  • Resolve breasts that are too high
  • Resolve breasts that are too low
  • Return to your natural breast size
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Who is a Candidate for Breast Revision? 

Women who have experienced complications after a primary breast augmentation or who are disappointed with how their breasts look are excellent candidates for breast revision surgery. Dr. Shafa will examine your breasts and listen to your concerns, offering his expertise about how to resolve any aesthetic issue. He understands the complications which can occur after breast augmentation but never suggests a surgery that he does not believe is necessary or unwarranted. With his personal and dedicated guidance, you can be confident that your results will be elegant and lovely.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Brian Shafa for My Breast Revision? 

Dr. Brian Shafa is a skilled surgeon with an intimate knowledge of the latest techniques necessary for sophisticated, natural-looking results. He knows that your breast revision surgery is very important to you, and he is committed to supporting you throughout the process, from your initial consultation through to your full recovery and beyond. 

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