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The transition process for MTF involves breast augmentation to create a feminine upper chest with plump, round breasts that have a natural feel, look, and bounce. Dr. Shafa is honored to assist transitioning patients with this custom surgery. He is a compassionate, dedicated plastic surgeon practicing MTF breast augmentation in Beverly Hills & Santa Monica who delivers extraordinary care and exceptional outcomes.

The MTF Breast Augmentation Procedure: What to Expect

Your Male to Female breast augmentation in Beverly Hills & Santa Monica is customized specifically for you. It involves a lengthy discussion with you about your hopes, dreams, and desires. The transition process is transformative, physically and emotionally. In some cases, hormone therapy is not enough to stimulate the growth of the amount of breast tissue you envision for your body, and a custom augmentation is necessary.

The procedure is outpatient and performed under general anesthesia. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, an incision is placed through which a surgical “pocket” is created, and the implants are inserted. The surgery requires about one hour to complete. When you become alert in the recovery area, you will see your enhanced feminine curves, which will be protected and held in place with bandages and a compression garment. You are then free to return home to rest and recover under the care of a friend or family member.

The Goal of MTF Breast Augmentation: Truly Feminine Curves

Creating a female figure takes more attention to detail than just placing implants to create larger breasts. The process of selecting the size, shape, and projection of the implants is a critical aspect of a beautiful outcome. The crease below the breasts may be lowered to a more feminine position, and the nipples and areolas addressed to be a lovely size and shape, centered on the newly-created breast mound. In some cases, a natural fat transfer could be performed to add natural softness around the implant.

In some cases, it is necessary to employ a tissue expansion technique to stimulate the body to create enough skin. This is a two-stage procedure in which the tissue expanders are inserted,  filled with saline solution in several appointments as the skin expands to accept the volume. The tissue expanders are finally removed and replaced with the ideal size, shape, and projection of implants, typically silicone due to the natural feel and bounce.

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Your Recovery Time After MTF Breast Augmentation

After your Male to Female breast augmentation in Beverly Hills & Santa Monica, you will need several weeks to recover. Arrange another adult to stay with you for the first few days. You will not be approved to drive for at least one week, as you must avoid stretching the tissues so your incisions can heal quickly and easily. Dr. Shafa will closely monitor your condition and see you the day after your surgery and at several other follow-up appointments.

Your activities will be restricted, and you should plan on at least one week off before returning to work. You must not lift your arms above your head or lift anything heavy for two weeks. Light exercise, such as gentle walks, will help stimulate blood circulation and faster healing. The breast implants will settle into place over time, which may take up to twelve weeks, at which point your final results will be achieved.

Why Choose Dr. Brian Shafa for MTF Breast Surgery?

Your transition could not be more important. When you are under the care of Dr. Shafa, you can expect the highest level of personalized care from a surgeon who is present and responsive at every phase of the process. He is a young, next-generation plastic surgeon with outstanding skills and who employs personalized care. You can expect a lovely result that appears feminine, lovely, and curvy in all the right places. Not all plastic surgeons perform transition surgeries, including MTF breast surgery, as they lack the skills and compassion needed in such a critical surgery.

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MTF breast augmentation FAQ

What is the ideal breast surgery for me?

Every person who is transitioning has unique needs. The various ways the surgery can be performed include saline or silicone implants or enhanced with natural fat transfer. The selection, when under the care of Dr. Shafa, is made together, and he will answer all of your questions honestly and openly, with the goal of achieving the look you envision for your figure.

Is it possible to get MTF breast surgery without first having hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy is an important first phase of the transition process. The estrogen supplied to your body will trigger natural breast growth and can help enhance the final outcome. However, it is not a requirement to undergo hormone therapy before breast augmentation. Your decisions will be discussed thoroughly, and you can expect compassionate guidance at every step of your gender affirmation surgery.

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